We're building for the future.
Join our movement.
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We’re iCIMS [pronounced EYE-sims] and we create robust, enterprise-serving HR software that helps our customers build for the future with better recruiting. We’re a people company first. From the people we serve, to the people we employ. We hire the best so our customers can too.

We don't shy away from new challenges - we see them as an opportunity to band together, innovate, and tackle them head-on.

Our Values
We stand behind our company, our people, and our brand.

We're growing fast - in our people, our processes and our systems, which means you're encouraged to think outside the box, offer solutions, and bring your ideas to life.

At iCIMS, you have an impact on every contract we sign, the opportunity to witness your hard work come to fruition, and reach unimaginable heights.

Software may be our specialty,
but it's not our only focus.

Our values are pivotal portions of our business and standards that have helped pillar our success.

Giving back to the environment, the community, and each other is at the heart of our company culture. We're committed to being a zero-sum consumer of fossil fuels and supporting a variety of environmental initiatives.

Core Competencies
We consistently display common characteristics that drive results.

We’re growing fast - find comfort in our changing work climate

We value deep, trust-building dialogue with our people, customers, and partners

Don't leave your passion at the door – it fuels innovation

Think outside the box, offer solutions, improve processes, and bring your ideas to life

Cultivating relationships and maintaining a caring and supportive work environment underpins everything we do

Customer Commitment
Our customers are an extension of our iCIMS family and we’re committed to delivering a customer experience second-to-none

Take the wheel – you’re empowered to navigate the roads through roadblocks and obstacles